LHQ Class Schedule Notice due to COVID—19

Dear LHQ Danceforce Family, 

We know LHQ Danceforce is particularly valuable for developing great dancers but more importantly, great kids.

As such, we’re fully committed to & grounded in our core values, one of which is to do whatever it takes to protect our community and show you how much we care.

That’s why, through the end of March we’re sticking to our original class schedule to fulfill what we’ve always promised, but temporarily shifting to an online, stay-at-home format, due to COVID—19.

Here’s how it works:

  • All students, families, and parents are invited to join our free Band App group that we already use weekly to load videos. 

Each of our classes will take place at its originally scheduled time—this means we are NOT changing the schedule but times slightly adjusted due to set up and technology. Classes will stay as true to format as possible; attendance will be taken, teachers will run a warmup and we will work on choreography and routines for end of June recital. We recommend students set up their computer/ipad/tv somewhere where they have as much room as possible; wear your dance clothes & shoes; make sure you have a water bottle close by. Just like your normal class.

  • To join your class, instead of coming to the studio, hop into the Band class group and look for the corresponding live feed that will start at your class time you are scheduled for. 

  • If you don’t get to jump on, no worries—while you won’t be able to tune in live, we’ll record every live class. We will take attendance as we do if we are in the studio. Since this will be a very focused class format there is some technology and extra prep the teacher will run  ½ hr class any .45 min classes and 20min for 1/2 hr classes and .40min for any hr or longer classes. 

  • And finally, please note that while our classrooms are closed, normal operations will continue. This means, if you need us, you can still get in touch with us via phone or email. 413-786-0660 or dance@lhqdanceforce.com and we can still provide the same service but in a slightly different way. Let’s keep the routines for not just the kids but for all of us as much as possible. 

Finally, in closing—I want to encourage you by saying that we believe the conflict between what we know how to do and what we don’t, is what creates growth. And while we hope this is a short-lived virus, we know that we will work through this & prevail, as a community, no matter what—stronger than ever.

Band App

Let me know if there’s anything I can do personally for you over the next few days. When you get a moment, please take a moment to make sure all your technique classes you take are good to go so you don’t skip a beat & request to join the group if you for some reason are not on the band for your class. 

We will also record all the classes and once you take the class or come to the live class in person you will get marked hear on the attendance. 

Thanks for your continued support!


Lynn Hadden-Quinn 
Founder/CEO, LHQ Danceforce & Wellness Studio