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Why Preschool Dance?

Every person can learn from dancing. Not everyone will grow up to perform dramatic leaps in a corps de ballet or to shuffle off to Buffalo with the Rockettes, but every child deserves the opportunity to dance. For babies and toddlers, creative movement offers a range of experiences that facilitate natural, easy play and proper development of alignment, neurological coordination and a fundamental exploration of baseline concepts that are the building blocks for future learning. For preschoolers, children about 2 1/2 to four, movement play in a creative dance setting can help to provide an essential educational experience. Through movement, songs, games and rhymes, children not only flex their muscles as they gain strength and endurance, but they challenge themselves emotionally and cognitively as well.

Here are a few of the benefits of Dance for preschoolers:

  • Increased body awareness, kinesthetic comfort and ease
  • Improved alignment, flexibility and neurological patterning
  • Emotional and social growth and development
  • Greater self-esteem and autonomy
  • Linguistic and aural (listening) skills enhanced
  • Beginning understanding of academics such as math, reading, spelling and science
  • Approaches classroom skills' necessary for school experiences, such as taking turns, following directions, listening, sharing and communicating needs and feelings
  • Develops an early creative spark in individuals and groups