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  • LHQ DanceForce Faculty Participate in DanceLife Re…

LHQ DanceForce Faculty Participate in DanceLife Retreat Center Seminar

Lynn Hadden-Quinn & Karen Lafluer of LHQ DanceForce participated in the DanceLife Retreat Center Seminar with the talented and renowned Rhee Gold.

The Dancelife Retreat Center is a place where dance teachers and studio owners meet to explore new business strategies and rejuvenate their dance spirit. The three day packed seminar offers classes focused on income-generating strategies, innovative marketing techniques, managerial effectiveness for your school, better communication with employees and parents, and guidance on creating clear and useful policies.

Rhee Gold is the dance field’s first motivational speaker and is the author of The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance: An Insider’s Secrets to Personal Reward and Financial Success. His passion and inspirational philosophies have changed the perspective and professional approach to studio owners everywhere. A few of his notable achievements include Founder and Director of Dance Teacher Conference, Publisher of Dance Studio Life Magazine, and Past President of Dance Masters of America.

Overall, this program has invigorated Lynn and the LHQ faculty. With an abundance of inspiration and valuable information, the team at LHQ is ready to make this upcoming dance season the best one yet!