The Confidence Dance Provides

The Confidence Dance Provides

“The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” -Charles Baudelaire

Have you ever wondered at the perfect poise of the prima ballerina and her counterparts? The simple grace of a pirouette? The effortless choreography, fluent sequence of steps, and seamless transitions?

There's something incredible at work behind the scenes, isn't there?

Dance is powerful. It is an art. It is emotional. And it requires a great deal of confidence—on and off the dance floor. Dance isn't something that tapers off when exiting stage left; it becomes the way of life for the dancer.

Confidence becomes key. A dancer puts countless hours into each step, each motion, each rhythm. Without the certainty of each practiced step, the resoluteness in their capabilities, and sheer perseverance to continue growing and learning, dance would grow old and stale—passionless. Confidence is developed through those hours of stretching, breathing, sweating, laughing...even crying. Shared experiences between dancers that might break others, together make them stronger. That fortitude translates not only into their seemingly effortless performance on stage, but into every aspect of life.


These are qualities that can be found in dancers both on and off stage...qualities inspired or deepened by their confidence in dance. Imagine spending days working on a single pose, strengthening key muscles, and developing new ones. That tenacity and determination translates into daily life, in the way you hold yourself or present yourself to the world.

A dancer walks boldly and confidently, passion channeled into each movement. Without a developing confidence in your ability to persevere and overcome, you cannot possibly perform anywhere to the best of your abilities.

Here are some clear-cut ways dance builds confidence that lasts a lifetime:

#1. Dance strengthens your body. A body that is strong, well-nourished, and rested is a happy body. If you take care of yourself and work-hard, your body will reap the rewards of dance. That feeling alone will raise your self-esteem.

#2. Dance channels your physical and emotional energy. Dance is rigorous and demanding. Some poses can be potentially dangerous to perform. Thus, presence physically and mentally is incredibly important. It limits your ability to focus on any outer spheres of influence (i.e. work, school, family, fears about the past or future, etc.), increasing your ability to focus, and improving your mental health.

#3. Dance requires persistence and determination. Once is never enough in dance. One hundred times still may not be enough. The same pose, the same motion, the same step is repeated tirelessly. A dancer presents its best to the audience, leaving it all on the stage. To achieve this, you must be meticulous and incredibly persistent.

This is just part of what is going on behind the closed curtains. Dance develops a deeply embedded confidence in who you are as an individual. It is a beautiful expression, a tireless reflection. And it lasts a lifetime.