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Mikayla Rice

After dancing for 15 years at LHQ I have taken away many useful skills I can use outside of the studio. Presently, as a college student, I am on the dance team at my school and dance continues to play an important role in my life. Growing up in a dance studio taught me all about teamwork. No matter what path you take in life there are going to be times when you have to work closely with your peers. I have learned to trust the people I am are working with and be respectful to them because you never know what they can teach you. In addition to teamwork, dance has shown me that you have to be persistent with what you want to achieve and be willing to put in time and effort. As I've always been told, practice makes perfect. Having this knowledge has helped me tremendously in college. Being persistent and having the drive to succeed is something that stems from my time spent in the dance studio. I know from experience that I can achieve the positive results I want if I work hard at it.

As a member of the competition team I had a large commitment to fulfill. Starting at a young age I learned how to manage this type of responsibility. I experienced first-hand how important it is to never quit something you start without finishing it through. This is one of the most useful tools I have taken away with me as I continue to take steps toward preparing myself for my future. Similarly, I have a lot of experience with time management after having to balance schoolwork and endless hours at the dance studio each week. As I get older I am continuously getting busier. This has helped me become more disciplined and organized so I can accomplish school, work, and other activities. Lastly and most importantly, dance has taught me to have confidence in myself. Performing in front of large crowds and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone has benefited me more than I ever thought it could. Whether I am interviewing, presenting, meeting with a professor or business professional, or just taking to a fellow student, I am able to show that I am confident in myself. This quality can only help me as I continue through life and I owe many thanks to dance for teaching me something as important as this.

- Mikayla Rice