February, 22nd 2018
There’s a certain mindset that dancers need in order to succeed. It’s easy, at the beginning of any new art or craft, to be self-doubting, sensitive to criticism, or to compare yourself to others. However, that line of thinking will get you nowhere as a dancer. With diligent…
February, 20th 2018
Everyone wants to avoid injury, but for dancers, injury is the enemy. Injury can put you out of commission for months, the rest of the year, even for life. Even a minor injury can throw you off. The time spent out of practice as you recover will make it difficult to be as…
February, 18th 2018
How often can you say that your form of art and expression is also your regular workout? This might not be true with most art forms, but it is with dance. Dance requires constant movement, flexibility, and gently stretching the boundaries of what your body can do, just like any…
February, 16th 2018
Have you ever taken a long walk or worked out to “clear your mind?” There’s actual science behind this--a link between focused physical activity and cognitive function. Dance is another exercise that can help clear your head, but it can do so much more than that. In fact, several…
February, 14th 2018
The last thing any dancer needs is for their joints to lock or to pull a muscle during a dance recital. When it comes to avoiding injuries and mastering the most complicated dance steps, flexibility is everything for dancers. That’s why dancers are so strongly encouraged to…