What about snow days and other severe weather… Will there be dance classes?

In the event of severe weather conditions during the winter months, we recommend to check for weather on LHQ Facebook fan page, website and email sent out. Then call closer to the Business hours of that day. Often times the roads may be bad in the morning, but cleared by the afternoon so classes will remain as scheduled.

Do Cancelled Classes get made up?

If due to weather, we can't make up classes, but your child is allowed to make-up classes at your best convenience in the current dance season, if you wish.

What are the LHQ Danceforce & Wellness Studio office hours?

If you have any questions, please give us a call 413-786-0660. Our summer office hours vary, so leave us a message and we will get back to you. Once classes begin, office hours are:

Monday to Friday: 4:00 - 8:00 pm 
Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

How do I register for LHQ Danceforce classes?

Please fill out one registration form per child and be sure to include how you heard about LHQ. You can also register online. Print clearly! Each class will have a size limit and will close when it reaches its max. Class sizes vary, depending on the age and level of the group. Most classes fill up before September, so we recommend registering by mail or online right away. A $30.00 registration fee per student or $50 per family is due along with the auto debit form for monthly payments. A spot will not be held unless this information is provided. We will contact you if a class has been cancelled/closed, otherwise we will see you on the first day of class.

Where can I find dance wear stores?

We offer dance wear for our customers convenience. We also have custom clothing and logo wear available on site. Dance bags and most dance shoes you will need. We also have LHQ Custom Apparel for heat sealing and embroidery. Before Fall classes begin, we will post on facebook and email a date to come into studio for shoe sizing, tights and any dance wear supplies needed.

Which dance class should I sign up for?

Choose a class that is the appropriate age group and one that will work with your schedule. Our instructors will be closely observing students the first couple months, making sure they are in the correct level class. If we feel your student should try a different level class, we will notify you immediately. The teachers are constantly evaluating the students for placement.

What is expected of dancers?

It is expected that dancers will:

Arrive at at their lessons on time, prepared to dance
Follow all Studio rules
Respect fellow classmates and teachers
Not leave valuables in a change room
Not bring gum or drink cans into a dance studio
Not wear outside shoes in a dance studio
Remain in The Studio building unless a note advising otherwise is provided
by the dancer's parent
Pick up after themselves—and use the waste bins

Does LHQ Danceforce have a dress code?

Yes. An easy-to-print, one-paged dress code listing can be found under our policy page here.

If we miss a class, is it possible to make up that class at another time?

Absolutely. Just call or email the Studio and the receptionist will be happy to find another class where there is space available. Make up classes must take place within the same dance season as the missed class. Make up classes are not permitted in classes that have already reached maximum occupancy.

How long is the dance season?

The dance season begins the second week in September of each year and ends at the end of May or June. This all depends on the dates and available school dates that are open each year can be different.

Does each class perform in the recital?

We have classes that are recital classes and we also have some company level classes that are technique classes that do not do the recital. Most all classes will perform in the year end show. If for some reason you are not able to perform arrangements need to be made in plenty of time to make sure it does not effect the choreography of the group.

Pre-school and kinder combo classes, will the students perform in 2 dances?

All pre-school and kinder combo classes will perform one dance in the recital. The teacher will choose prior to ordering the costumes the choice of style for the year end show.