LHQ Bringing You the Spirit in Dance & Wellness

In everything we do, LHQ adheres to the SPIRIT of our 6 core values for personal growth, drive, and well-being:

LHQ CoreValues Strive Image

Strive to achieve strength, happiness, and constant improvement.

Passion. Be all in for everything you do. Listen to the inner call to express your joy and chase your dreams.

LHQ CoreValues Passion Image
LHQ CoreValues Inspiration Image

Inspiration. Helping students, through education and challenging their skills, to grow both as dancers and as people.

Respect for your art, your body, your team, your parents and teachers.

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LHQ CoreValues Integrity Image

Integrity. Discover the confidence to be the fullest, truest person you can be.

Teamwork. Appreciate that by supporting each other we can accomplish something greater than we can on our own as an individual.

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