Tap is another dance style that has a long and rich history.  Perhaps most identifiable by the type of shoe worn by these dancers, tap classes combine dance with rhythmic foot patterns.  Wearing shoes fitted with heel and toe taps, dancers will sound out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor.  Classes will work from the fundamentals like flaps, shuffles, and other isolations, to more advanced combinations and rhythms.

Tap dancing can help students learn and develop coordination and rhythm.  Providing a fun and challenging environment, students will grow their ability to create and understand musicality.  Tap is beloved by musicians, experienced dancers, and new dancers alike.  It is also a required class if you are interested in our Intensive Dancer program.  If you enjoy a sense of rhythm, or being able to make quick and articulate movements, or if you just like the idea of making noise with your feet, then tap could be a perfect fit for you!

Our tap curriculum begins at an early level, as part of the offerings in our Preschool programs (Creative and Kinder) and our Minis program.  From there, we offer Tap I and Tap II.  Level I classes are great if you have taken Preschool program or Minis classes with us before and are ready for a more focused environment, or if you are new to dance but are capable of displaying motor skills and participating in a classroom environment.  Level II is intended for dancers who have already taken tap classes before.  Placement in these classes is based on ability, not age and is at the sole discretion of our instructors.  We also offer an Adult Tap class that is open to adults of any skill level!