Musical Theater styles evolved from contemporary jazz dance.  However, it looks more like the sort of style that you would see on a Broadway stage.  Musical theater focuses on the art of performing and theatricality.  These classes will blend together many different styles of dance, and might even incorporate props.  Students will learn not only dancing skills, but the ability to emote the character of the song they are dancing to. This is a class that blends together many different styles. Sharpen your musicality, audition and performance skills so that you can be a triple threat the next time you take the stage. Class focuses on all aspects of performance: singing, acting, and dance.

Classes will focus on all aspects of performance: dancing, acting, and even a little bit of singing.

Anyone can benefit from musical theater classes, especially if you feel you were born to entertain!  Aspiring actors and performers of all kinds will enjoy this class.  Even dancers from other classes looking to better express themselves while dancing.

Musical Theater classes are offered from Minis to Advanced, but are great options for students of any age or skill level.  If you have questions about which level is right for you, we encourage you to contact the studio.