In the Mini program, curriculum begins to focus on the basics of each style of dance at an appropriate style and pace for the development of our younger dancers.  In each class, students will develop a sense of the aesthetic, technique, and feel that accompanies each genre of dance, all while being provided with a fun and nurturing environment for them to grow within. Currently, the Mini program is offered for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Broadway Jazz, and Hip Hop.

The Mini program is specifically targeted to students around 5 and 6 years of age who have already gone through our Creative and Kinder programs, or who have demonstrated the ability to develop fine and gross motor skills and to learn in a group environment.  These classes are a great choice if you’d like to give your little one the opportunity more about specific styles of dance, all while improving coordination and confidence in an enjoyable atmosphere.  All students will have the opportunity to participate in our end of the year recital.