Lyrical dance is a style that evolved from Ballet.  It shares many of the same technical elements as Ballet, but expands into a more fluid and expressive form of dance.  Lyrical dancers will explore aspects found in jazz, contemporary, and modern dance.  Classes focus on free-flowing, graceful steps that also tap into the emotional expression of the music.  Students will develop poise, posture, fluid movements, and confidence in this lovely style of dance.

Lyrical classes are a great choice for anyone interested in learning a fun and elegant style of dance.  Often taken by people with past ballet experience, lyrical is often a less strict discipline that focuses on freedom through graceful movement.  If you appreciate the beauty of ballet but wish to express yourself in an airier, more expressive manner, then lyrical classes could be a great choice!   

Our lyrical curriculum begins with Lyrical I, and expands to Lyrical II, and Lyrical Preteen/Teen.  Level I classes are great if you have taken Preschool program or Minis classes with us before and are ready for a more focused environment, or if you are new to dance but are capable of displaying motor skills and participating in a classroom environment.  Level II is intended for dancers who have already taken lyrical classes before.  The Preteen/Teen level of classes is meant for our more mature and experienced dancers, or new dancers that are ready to learn at a more intense pace.  Placement in these classes is based on ability, not age and is at the sole discretion of our instructors.