Jazz dance is a style of dance that has evolved much over time.  With its roots in African American vernacular dance and Caribbean traditional dance, it has changed with the times and the popular music.  In its contemporary form, jazz dance focuses on following the rhythmic beat of the music.  Often characterized by the energetic, confident, and sometimes sassy moves, jazz dance is a fun and exciting style of dance.   

Jazz dance helps students develop the ability to move, isolate, and control different parts of their bodies.  Students will also increase their flexibility and ability to move rhythmically.  People who jazz dance enjoy expressing themselves in a way that develops technique and musical expression equally. Jazz classes are enjoyed by many, from the experienced to the novice dancer.  Taking these classes can be beneficial when taken in tandem with other dance styles as well as other movement activities like cheerleading or musical theater.

Our jazz curriculum begins at the Minis level, and extends to Jazz I, Jazz II, and Jazz Preteen/Teen.  Level I classes are great if you have taken Preschool program or Minis classes with us before and are ready for a more focused environment, or if you are new to dance but are capable of displaying motor skills and participating in a classroom environment.  Level II is intended for dancers who have already taken jazz classes before.  The Preteen/Teen level of classes is meant for our more mature and experienced dancers, or new dancers that are ready to learn at a more intense pace.  Placement in these classes is based on ability, not age and is at the sole discretion of our instructors.