Hip Hop is a fun and high-energy style of dance common in pop culture.  Popularized in the music videos, dance movies, and shows like So You Think You Can Dance, hip hop classes teach the latest urban dance steps in an age appropriate manner.  Elements of these classes include proper conditioning, warm-up, individualized dance steps, and full-bodied combinations.  Hip hop rejects the limitations of more classical styles of dance, and encourages students to express themselves in a confident and energetic manner.

Hip hop is a style enjoyed by both boys and girls of all ages and experience levels.  Whether you want to add it to your repertoire of dance styles or if you want to learn the steps from your favorite musician’s latest music video, anyone can enjoy a hip hop class.  Other types of movement activities can find roots in hip hop, so these classes can also be to the benefit of any aspiring cheerleader, school dance or step team member, and much more!

Our hip hop curriculum begins with our Preschool Program (Creative and Kinder), as well as a Minis level.  From there, it extends to Hip Hop I, Hip Hop II, Hip Hop Preteen/Teen, and Advance Hip Hop.  Level I classes are great if you have taken Preschool program or Minis classes with us before and are ready for a more focused environment, or if you are new to dance but are capable of displaying motor skills and participating in a classroom environment.  Level II is intended for dancers who have already taken hip hop classes before.  The Preteen/Teen level of classes is meant for our more mature and experienced dancers, or new dancers that are ready to learn at a more intense pace.  Advanced Hip Hop is intended for our most advanced dancers who have already excelled in previous hip hop classes.  Placement in these classes is based on ability, not age and is at the sole discretion of our instructors.   

We also offer All Boys Hip Hop, which is open to boys 5 years old and older of any experience level, and Adult Hip Hop, which is open to adults of any experience level.