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If you think you can’t learn about jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop because you’ve got a frame or a wheelchair, then think again. LHQ Dance is helping kids with mobility difficulties to get up and move!

Some benefits to our Free Spirit Classes

  • Promotes Body Awareness
  • Dance helps children with special needs, or any kids for that matter, become comfortable with their body. By mastering new and challenging skills in the studio they increase their confidence and faith in their own abilities.
  • Delivers a Great Workout
  • All children need to keep active to stay healthy. Dance is a great low-impact form of exercise even a child with some physical limitations can enjoy.
  • Improves Motor Skills
  • Often kids with special needs like Down Syndrome have motor skill delays. Dance provides a fun way for children to improve physical coordination and proficiency.
  • Helps Boost Mood
  • When we dance or exercise in general the body
  • releases endorphins. These hormones produce a calming effect and help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Increases Concentration
  • More and more studies have been published that extoll the benefits of exercise in helping to maintain mental focus. Children who have engaged in a dance movement therapy have actually shown great improvements inside the classroom in terms of reading, learning, focus, and general participation.
  • It’s Fun!
  • The best reason of all to register special needs kids in dance classes is for the pure enjoyment of it. It provides a social environment where they can engage with their peers while learning a new skill. Dance also gives them an artistic outlet to express themselves. They get to move their bodies to music, and what’s not fun about that? 

If you’re wondering if LHQ Free Spirit would be a good idea for your child, Lynn says you won’t regret giving it a try.