Contemporary is a more current style of dance that combines elements of lyrical and modern dance.  Students will learn to use their bodies in a variety of way as they focus on breathing, posture, and emotional state in this dance.  Contemporary dancers work on establishing a connection between their minds, bodies, and the space they inhabit.  Focus is placed on students moving in a way that is natural to their being as well as getting in touch with the emotion of the music they dance to.

Popularized by modern dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance, contemporary dance is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of dance of today.  Dancers may enjoy this style if they want to learn to move in a different way or explore methods of expressing themselves through varying movements.

Contemporary classes are currently offered at a Young and Advanced level.  Students interested in taking contemporary must also be enrolled in ballet classes.  If you have questions about class placement for this style, please contact us