Ballet is considered by many to provide the basic foundation of all dance forms.  These classes teach proper placement, carriage, grace, and poise in a well structured environment.  Students learn to focus on technique and discipline while expressing themselves in this graceful and lovely art form.

Ballet classes aren’t just for aspiring Prima Ballerinas; anyone can benefit from the strength, poise, and coordination offered in these classes, from football players to baton twirlers!  Ballet is also highly recommended as a complement to other dance classes, and is required to be taken for Contemporary or Pointe classes.  If you’d like to quicken your advancement in other classes, or build strength and grace equally, or if you’d like to express yourself in a controlled and beautiful way, then Ballet might be right for you!

Rudimentary Ballet technique is introduced in our Preschool Programs (Tiny Tots, Creative, and Kinder) and our Ballet Minis class.  Further and more thorough Ballet instruction is offered in our leveled classes.  Placement in these classes is based on ability, not age and is at the sole discretion of our instructors.  We also offer Pointe classes by invitation only.