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Master Classes


LHQ has entered a new partnership program with CLI Studios  

Through this new program, our teachers and students will have access to choreography and classes from So You Think You Can Dance stars such as Travis Wall, Twitch, Allison Holker, and Teddy Forance.

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LHQ Dancers, especially those in intermediate-to-advanced classes, may be presented with opportunities to take classes from professional choreographers or performers at the studio called a Master Class.

Master classes can occur at a convention, at your own studio, competition or after a performance. In any case, a master class is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to learn from master teachers around the country.

What to wear for a Master Class

Dancers should wear clothing that is appropriate to the style being taught. Dancewear should be form fitting, so that the instructor can easily see the bodylines. Dressing in layers is a good idea so you can easily remove warm-ups if the instructor prefers not having them worn in class.

Proper footwear must be worn, not only to comply with dress code, but also for the safety of the dancers' feet. Bringing several different pairs of shoes in your bag will help you be prepared for different styles that may be taught.

Sample ballet master class attire might include a favorite leotard, pink or black tights or leggings, a ballet skirt, ballet slippers, and pointe shoes.

How to Act in a Master Class

Dancers should exude a positive attitude from the moment they step in the door. The instructor may not know anything about the dancers and will most likely be adapting the style and difficulty level during the class time to suit the group as there are ALWAYS mixed levels. Therefore, dancers should make a conscious effort to try every step or trick given to the best of their abilities.

How to Follow Up After a Master Class

At the end of class, all dancers should applaud the instructor for his or her time, as they do in a regular class. They should also thank the instructor as they are leaving the studio. Dancers can ask their teachers or studio owner if they can write a thank-you note to the master instructor. It is just a small token of their appreciation for the time he or she has spent in the studio, but it will make a great impact.

Remember, a dancer can only get out of a master class what he or she puts into it. Dancers can make a good impression on the instructor by being energetic and showing that they are willing to try something new. A dancer's path may cross with this instructor again in the future, and having the connection of this master class can work to his or her advantage. You never know who will be sitting at the judging table for your next audition or performance!